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PositionNameClubCatEventEvent Time
1Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40BCW 301:08:54
2David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSBCW 301:12:08
3Richard BickleyBorder City Whs CCMSBCW 301:12:12
4Emil PetrovBorder City Whs CCMSBCW 301:13:16
5Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40BCW 301:13:17
6Dan RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversM40BCW 301:13:58
7Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 301:14:43
8David TrotterLancaster CCMSBCW 301:15:41
9Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60BCW 301:16:01
10Ashley RyanHonister 92MSBCW 301:16:07
11Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50BCW 301:16:12
12Patrick PennefatherBorder City Whs CCMSBCW 301:18:23
13Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSBCW 301:18:46
14Adrian SowerbyBorder City Whs CCM50BCW 301:19:40
15Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBCW 301:19:42
16Paul TargettHolcombe HarriersM50BCW 301:19:45
17Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSBCW 301:19:47
18Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40BCW 301:20:04
19Dan SmallTeesdale CRCMSBCW 301:20:16
20Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50BCW 301:21:21
21Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40BCW 301:21:31
22Derek SchofieldRossendale RCM60BCW 301:23:38
23James HaddowBorder City Whs CCMSBCW 301:23:41
24David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50BCW 301:24:15
25Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50BCW 301:25:10
26Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Whs CCM40BCW 301:25:12
27Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+BCW 301:25:44
28Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50BCW 301:26:18
29Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50BCW 301:27:53
30Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSBCW 301:28:46
31Peter HaighNelson Whs CCM60BCW 301:31:21
32Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60BCW 301:31:48
33Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40BCW 301:32:18
34Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSBCW 301:32:53
35Alex ForbesBorder City Whs CCM50BCW 301:34:33
36Colin ReynoldsLeigh Premier Road ClubM40BCW 301:42:52
37David TinkerClayton VeloM60BCW 301:58:42
1Adam WildGS MetroMSTyneside Vags01:35:12
2Andrew DugganPhysiohaus Health and PerformanceMSTyneside Vags01:40:56
3Dan MeggisonGS MetroMSTyneside Vags01:41:38
4Thomas HutchinsonTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags01:42:26
5Thomas GilbertTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags01:44:39
6Mark DugganKendal Cycle ClubMSTyneside Vags01:45:06
7Colin AtkinsonMuckle Cycle ClubM50Tyneside Vags01:45:38
8Nick BadcockAllen Valley VeloMSTyneside Vags01:45:58
9Phil HallBreeze Bikes RTM40Tyneside Vags01:46:16
10Tim WilcockGS MetroMSTyneside Vags01:46:40
11Jon SturmanBlumilk.comM40Tyneside Vags01:47:40
12Chris MatherDerwentside CCM40Tyneside Vags01:48:16
13Lee AgerBlaydon CCMSTyneside Vags01:48:40
14John RoutledgeBarnesbury CCMSTyneside Vags01:49:09
15Jay PittDerwentside CCMSTyneside Vags01:50:28
16Simon GibbsReifen RacingM40Tyneside Vags01:50:34
17Ken ThursbyTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags01:50:41
18Scott MccanceDerwentside CCMSTyneside Vags01:50:57
19Tom Jackson-TaylorTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags01:51:42
20Paul HagueGosforth RCM50Tyneside Vags01:52:58
21Philip KennellGosforth RCM50Tyneside Vags01:53:15
22Shaun WilkinsonMuckle Cycle ClubMSTyneside Vags01:53:24
23Jon BayleyReifen RacingMSTyneside Vags01:53:52
24Peter GravesTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags01:54:28
25Fiona BurnieGS MetroWSTyneside Vags01:54:36
26Michael JamesTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags01:55:47
27Matthew WellsTyneside Vagabonds CCMJuvTyneside Vags01:56:16
28Mark HerbertDerwentside CCM50Tyneside Vags01:56:31
29Mal GrayReifen RacingM40Tyneside Vags01:56:34
30Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Tyneside Vags01:56:42
31Adam HogarthTyneside Vagabonds CCMSTyneside Vags01:56:58
32Michael HardcastleRoyal Air Force Cycling AssociationM40Tyneside Vags01:57:08
33Peter StokoeSunderland ClarionMSTyneside Vags01:57:31
34Russell HughesTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Tyneside Vags01:57:45
35Philip AddymanPedalling SquaresM40Tyneside Vags01:59:37
36Dougan CollinsFerryhill WhsM50Tyneside Vags01:59:44
37Ian GallonNorth Tyneside Riders CCM50Tyneside Vags01:59:45
38Michael DowsonPedalling SquaresMSTyneside Vags02:00:27
39Lee StathamHoughton CCM40Tyneside Vags02:01:07
40Mark WhaleyBlaydon CCM40Tyneside Vags02:01:28
41Hugo MarshTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags02:01:44
42Bryan LaycockAlnwick Cycling ClubMSTyneside Vags02:01:50
43Francis GainsboroughTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags02:02:14
44Andrew ShawTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags02:02:53
45Sebastian StockbridgeBlaydon CCMSTyneside Vags02:03:45
46Crispin SwinhoeBarnsley Road ClubM60Tyneside Vags02:05:06
47Andrew DicksonBerwick Wheelers Cycling ClubMSTyneside Vags02:05:08
48Nicola DugganAlnwick & District Triathlon ClubWSTyneside Vags02:05:16
49Roy PattinsonBreeze Bikes RTM40Tyneside Vags02:05:56
50Ian McleanTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Tyneside Vags02:07:23
51Alex VentiseiTeam Newcastle TriathlonMSTyneside Vags02:08:09
52Robert BoakTyneside Vagabonds CCM60Tyneside Vags02:10:13
53Keith SibbaldCramlington CCM40Tyneside Vags02:10:15
54Martin RasmussenTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Tyneside Vags02:10:33
55Richard BurtSolihull CCM60Tyneside Vags02:11:02
56David HilditchRibble Valley C&RCM60Tyneside Vags02:11:05
57Ian MaddisonRyton Tri ClubM50Tyneside Vags02:12:06
58Christopher ThompsonWansbeck CCM50Tyneside Vags02:12:30
59Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60Tyneside Vags02:16:26
60Xanthe PolaineTeam Newcastle TriathlonWSTyneside Vags02:17:11
61Raymond BellDerwentside CCM60Tyneside Vags02:21:03
62Fiona McdonaldTeam Newcastle TriathlonWSTyneside Vags02:22:50
63Phil DunnWansbeck CCM60Tyneside Vags02:27:52
64Richard MarshallCestria C.C.M70+Tyneside Vags02:38:56
65Sara CummingsBlaydon CCW40Tyneside Vags02:49:09
1Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40Kent Valley HC00:24:28
2David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSKent Valley HC00:25:24
3Alex O'BrienGarstang CCMSKent Valley HC00:25:41
4Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40Kent Valley HC00:25:42
5Toby WilliamsLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MSKent Valley HC00:25:58
6Sam AndertonTransition Race TeamMSKent Valley HC00:26:01
7Zak WalkerHonister 92MSKent Valley HC00:26:12
8Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Kent Valley HC00:26:19
9Aidan LawrenceC and N Cycles RTMJuvKent Valley HC00:26:45
10Andrew NewbyVeloviewerMSKent Valley HC00:26:45
11Lee CarterRibble Valley C&RCMSKent Valley HC00:27:04
12Ashley RyanHonister 92MSKent Valley HC00:27:06
13George WhartonKent Valley RCMSKent Valley HC00:27:22
14Aaron Tonks-LeekeHoppers RollersM40Kent Valley HC00:27:33
15Jose Pinon ShawRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamM50Kent Valley HC00:27:38
16David TrotterLancaster CCMSKent Valley HC00:27:50
17Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSKent Valley HC00:27:55
18Richard HelmBarrow Central WheelersMSKent Valley HC00:27:58
19David GleaveVelo Club CumbriaMSKent Valley HC00:28:18
20Chris StirlingKent Valley RCMSKent Valley HC00:28:48
21Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Kent Valley HC00:28:56
22Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50Kent Valley HC00:29:05
23Christopher DebensVTTA (Midlands)M40Kent Valley HC00:29:07
24Paul TargettHolcombe HarriersM50Kent Valley HC00:29:31
25Patrick PennefatherBorder City Whs CCMSKent Valley HC00:29:46
26Simon HorsleyKendal Cycle ClubM50Kent Valley HC00:29:57
27Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversMSKent Valley HC00:30:22
28David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+Kent Valley HC00:30:30
29Phil RobertsLune RCCM60Kent Valley HC00:30:40
30Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60Kent Valley HC00:30:47
31Derek SchofieldRossendale RCM60Kent Valley HC00:31:02
32Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40Kent Valley HC00:31:13
33Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Kent Valley HC00:31:18
34Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Kent Valley HC00:31:35
35Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40Kent Valley HC00:31:38
36Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+Kent Valley HC00:31:49
37Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Kent Valley HC00:31:53
38David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Kent Valley HC00:32:00
39Andy StubbsBarrow Central WheelersM60Kent Valley HC00:32:00
40Dave HortonLancaster CCM50Kent Valley HC00:32:06
41Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50Kent Valley HC00:32:08
42Stephen TurnerBorder City Whs CCM50Kent Valley HC00:32:12
43Helen AldredLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)WSKent Valley HC00:32:25
44David BatesonNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Kent Valley HC00:33:02
45David PritchardKennoway Road ClubM60Kent Valley HC00:33:11
46Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Kent Valley HC00:33:48
47Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSKent Valley HC00:33:56
48Deborah JohnLune RCCW50Kent Valley HC00:34:45
49Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSKent Valley HC00:34:48
50Karen PooleSportstest RTW40Kent Valley HC00:34:56
51Peter MetcalfeBarrow Central WheelersMSKent Valley HC00:35:30
52Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Kent Valley HC00:37:07
53Dave SmalleyClayton VeloM60Kent Valley HC00:37:38
54Bryn LawrenceC and N Cycles RTMJuvKent Valley HC00:37:43
55Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Kent Valley HC00:40:39
56Matthew EmmottKendal Cycle ClubM40Kent Valley HC00:42:01
57Colin ReynoldsLeigh Premier Road ClubM40Kent Valley HC00:44:40
58Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+Kent Valley HC00:52:21
1Carl DonaldsonGS MetroMSDerwentside 4001:43:13
2Adam WildGS MetroMSDerwentside 4001:44:00
3Matt MoorhousePreston CCM40Derwentside 4001:44:40
4Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40Derwentside 4001:45:35
5Thomas PrenticeGS MetroMJunDerwentside 4001:46:45
6Thomas HutchinsonTyneside Vagabonds CCMSDerwentside 4001:48:42
7Patrick ClarkTeam B38/Underpin RacingMSDerwentside 4001:49:08
8Colin AtkinsonMuckle Cycle ClubM50Derwentside 4001:50:46
9Tim WilcockGS MetroMSDerwentside 4001:51:46
10Lee AgerBlaydon CCMSDerwentside 4001:52:20
11Chris BurnsReifen RacingMSDerwentside 4001:53:13
12Ian NorrisBlumilk.comM50Derwentside 4001:53:42
13Nick BadcockAllen Valley VeloMSDerwentside 4001:54:05
14Ross GrayAllen Valley VeloMSDerwentside 4001:54:18
15Ali BaileyGS MetroMSDerwentside 4001:55:40
16Hedley FletcherBlaydon CCM40Derwentside 4001:56:08
17Jon SturmanBlumilk.comM40Derwentside 4001:56:35
18Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSDerwentside 4001:56:45
19Ben LaneGS MetroM40Derwentside 4001:57:13
20Ian TaylorBlumilk.comM40Derwentside 4001:57:47
20Philip AddymanPedalling SquaresM40Derwentside 4001:57:47
22Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50Derwentside 4001:58:14
23Justin RamelBlaydon CCM40Derwentside 4001:58:30
24Scott MccanceDerwentside CCMSDerwentside 4001:59:07
25David ThompsonRock to Roll CCMSDerwentside 4001:59:40
26Daryl OguonaTricademyM40Derwentside 4002:00:22
27Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40Derwentside 4002:00:31
28Richard SkinnerBlumilk.comM40Derwentside 4002:00:37
29Dan PonsBlaydon CCMSDerwentside 4002:00:53
30Dan KendallRock to Roll CCMSDerwentside 4002:01:09
31David NearneySouth Shields Velo Cycling ClubMSDerwentside 4002:01:16
31Simon EmsleyDerwentside CCM40Derwentside 4002:01:16
33Eoin GormleyBlaydon CCMSDerwentside 4002:01:25
34Tony GrassbyPeak Road ClubM50Derwentside 4002:01:52
35Ken ThursbyTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Derwentside 4002:02:09
36Fiona BurnieGS MetroWSDerwentside 4002:03:11
37Lester GrantAuchencrow Thistle CCMSDerwentside 4002:03:26
38Julian MacbrideBlaydon CCMSDerwentside 4002:03:40
39Mal GrayReifen RacingM40Derwentside 4002:03:48
40Jordan MatthewsAdept CyclingMSDerwentside 4002:06:14
41Mark TullySunderland ClarionMSDerwentside 4002:06:33
42Stephen MagrathBlaydon CCMSDerwentside 4002:06:57
43Dan VerryRock to Roll CCMSDerwentside 4002:07:54
44Mark BreezeBreeze Bikes RTM40Derwentside 4002:08:06
45Tom GuySunderland ClarionM60Derwentside 4002:08:10
46Peter HerdmanBlaydon CCM40Derwentside 4002:08:21
47Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Derwentside 4002:08:41
48Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSDerwentside 4002:09:22
49Natalie BateyTricademyWSDerwentside 4002:09:36
50Russell HughesTyneside Vagabonds CCM50Derwentside 4002:09:40
51Claire SwobodaVelo Club St RaphaelW40Derwentside 4002:10:04
52Ian SimonBreeze Bikes RTM40Derwentside 4002:10:07
53Michael ToddDerwentside CCMSDerwentside 4002:10:38
54Craig SummersgillRock to Roll CCMSDerwentside 4002:11:01
55Christopher BeatyAllen Valley VeloMSDerwentside 4002:11:22
55David DonaldsonDerwentside CCM50Derwentside 4002:11:22
57Ian GallonNorth Tyneside Riders CCM50Derwentside 4002:11:47
58Steph MottramTorelli-Beastwear-BrotherWSDerwentside 4002:11:50
59Jennifer BateyTricademyWSDerwentside 4002:11:53
60Christian RobertsAllen Valley VeloM40Derwentside 4002:12:09
61David SparrowReifen RacingM40Derwentside 4002:12:35
62Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40Derwentside 4002:12:38
63Andrew CampbellRock to Roll CCMSDerwentside 4002:13:17
64Gemma HutchinsBlaydon CCWSDerwentside 4002:15:18
65Joanne ReaBlaydon CCWSDerwentside 4002:17:54
66Jen McmahonMuckle Cycle ClubWSDerwentside 4002:19:10
67Ian MaddisonRyton Tri ClubM50Derwentside 4002:20:58
68Michael LynchDerwentside CCM40Derwentside 4002:21:06
69Michael BrunskillMuckle Cycle ClubMSDerwentside 4002:22:39
70Craig BellAllen Valley VeloMSDerwentside 4002:23:38
71Sally MaitlandPeak Road ClubW50Derwentside 4002:25:21
72Neil ParkinDerwentside CCM40Derwentside 4002:25:22
73Craig FoleyTricademyM40Derwentside 4002:25:29
74Jock BolamBreeze Bikes RTM50Derwentside 4002:25:42
75Peter McglynnAllen Valley VeloM40Derwentside 4002:26:24
76Melanie AnnableAllen Valley VeloW40Derwentside 4002:28:06
77Raymond BellDerwentside CCM60Derwentside 4002:29:58
78Neil HarrisonAllen Valley VeloM50Derwentside 4002:30:04
79Samantha FletcherTri Northumberland (Tri North)W40Derwentside 4002:32:32
80Richard HirstAllen Valley VeloM70+Derwentside 4002:36:27
81Sheena HarrisonAllen Valley VeloW50Derwentside 4002:39:35
82Neil MckinnonDerwentside CCM50Derwentside 4002:41:37
83Paul MitchellBlaydon CCM40Derwentside 4002:47:15
84Bob ParkerAllen Valley VeloM60Derwentside 4002:47:27
85Jane MasseyCramlington CCW40Derwentside 4002:57:44
86Sara CummingsBlaydon CCW40Derwentside 4003:01:29
1Tom RigbyCroston VeloMSWigan Whs 3001:02:03
2Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:02:23
3David AllonbySpringfield Financial Racing TeamMSWigan Whs 3001:03:21
4Stephen IrwinNorth Lancashire Road ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:03:39
5Sam AndertonTransition Race TeamMSWigan Whs 3001:06:46
6Matt StellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM40Wigan Whs 3001:06:55
7Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40Wigan Whs 3001:06:58
8Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Wigan Whs 3001:07:11
9Scott SmithBarrow Central WheelersM40Wigan Whs 3001:07:59
10Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversMSWigan Whs 3001:08:39
11Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:08:44
12Ross PrescottN-Fuse Identity RacingMSWigan Whs 3001:09:15
13Daniel ShackletonABC CentrevilleM40Wigan Whs 3001:09:22
14Lee FaulknerPreston CCM50Wigan Whs 3001:09:44
15Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Wigan Whs 3001:10:17
16Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSWigan Whs 3001:10:23
17Sean OwensCroston VeloM40Wigan Whs 3001:10:36
18Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50Wigan Whs 3001:10:38
19Ronnie ColemanTS Racing Team - OTRM40Wigan Whs 3001:10:53
20Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversM40Wigan Whs 3001:10:59
21Gavin HinxmanDRAG2ZEROM50Wigan Whs 3001:11:01
22Daniel StylerCroston VeloMSWigan Whs 3001:11:23
23Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:11:54
24David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSWigan Whs 3001:11:59
25Stephen TurnerWestmead Team 88M50Wigan Whs 3001:12:17
26Andrew DentPendle Forest CCM50Wigan Whs 3001:12:32
27Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSWigan Whs 3001:12:37
28Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Wigan Whs 3001:12:48
29David TabronHorwich Cycling ClubMSWigan Whs 3001:12:50
30Paul BassonABC CentrevilleM40Wigan Whs 3001:12:59
31Steph MottramTorelli-Beastwear-BrotherWSWigan Whs 3001:13:12
32Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:13:22
33Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSWigan Whs 3001:13:24
34Claire SwobodaVelo Club St RaphaelW40Wigan Whs 3001:13:39
35Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSWigan Whs 3001:13:52
36David WrightWarrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering/RS CyclesportM50Wigan Whs 3001:14:00
37Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Wigan Whs 3001:14:20
38David BigioCroston VeloMSWigan Whs 3001:14:36
39David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+Wigan Whs 3001:15:12
40Peter LeonardSouthport CCM60Wigan Whs 3001:15:28
41Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40Wigan Whs 3001:15:58
42Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Wigan Whs 3001:16:11
43Tina ReidtrainSharpW50Wigan Whs 3001:16:16
44Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:16:21
45Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+Wigan Whs 3001:16:41
46Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50Wigan Whs 3001:16:55
47Stuart GarnettBarrow Central WheelersMSWigan Whs 3001:17:23
48Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:17:42
49Simon DigginsNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40Wigan Whs 3001:18:23
50Martin KerryLancashire RCM50Wigan Whs 3001:18:43
51Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Wigan Whs 3001:19:06
52Andy StubbsBarrow Central WheelersM60Wigan Whs 3001:19:09
53Lee BensonManchester Triathlon ClubM50Wigan Whs 3001:19:15
54Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Wigan Whs 3001:19:18
55Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Whs CCM40Wigan Whs 3001:19:42
56Sue CheethamNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Wigan Whs 3001:20:15
57Lindsey StylerCroston VeloWSWigan Whs 3001:20:42
58Richard DixonLakes Road ClubM40Wigan Whs 3001:21:36
59Neil Hughes-HutchingsMorden CRCMSWigan Whs 3001:21:43
60Dave SmalleyClayton VeloM60Wigan Whs 3001:22:25
61Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40Wigan Whs 3001:22:56
62Hope KerryTeam LussoWSWigan Whs 3001:23:15
63Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSWigan Whs 3001:23:18
64Deborah JohnLune RCCW50Wigan Whs 3001:24:23
65Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CCM60Wigan Whs 3001:27:21
66Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Wigan Whs 3001:27:55
67John LeachRossendale RCM70+Wigan Whs 3001:28:22
68Theresa TaylorRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamW50Wigan Whs 3001:28:42
69Joe BeechOgmore Valley Wheelers CCMSWigan Whs 3001:38:01
70Victoria McmurthaBarrow Central WheelersWSWigan Whs 3001:38:14
71David TinkerClayton VeloM60Wigan Whs 3001:48:34
1Lee BaldwinVCUK Velochampion Racing TeamMSMan Wheelers00:52:49
2Toby WilliamsLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MSMan Wheelers00:53:08
3Sam ClarkBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesMSMan Wheelers00:54:54
4Joseph DobsonManchester Bicycle ClubMSMan Wheelers00:54:58
5Scott WalkerTeam Bottrill / VanguardMSMan Wheelers00:55:50
6Edward ChiltonLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MSMan Wheelers00:56:38
7Luke BuswellManchester Bicycle ClubMSMan Wheelers00:56:46
8David PriceChorlton VeloMSMan Wheelers00:57:02
9Tarn FynnCrimson Performance Race TeamMSMan Wheelers00:57:04
10Tony GrassbyPeak Road ClubM50Man Wheelers00:58:33
11Gavin Mccloskey-LambertManchester WheelersMSMan Wheelers00:59:00
12Steve LeeTeam WheelguruM40Man Wheelers00:59:05
13Edward JonesLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle ClubMSMan Wheelers00:59:17
14Christopher DebensVTTA (Midlands)M40Man Wheelers01:01:13
15Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60Man Wheelers01:01:45
16Ian CookChester RCMSMan Wheelers01:01:51
17Chris ReynoldsLiverpool Century RCMSMan Wheelers01:01:59
18Monica DewStorey RacingWSMan Wheelers01:02:15
19James RussellMacclesfield WheelersM50Man Wheelers01:02:19
20Simon WatsonBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesM40Man Wheelers01:04:09
21Greg VallanceCheshire Maverick Cycle ClubM50Man Wheelers01:04:19
22Kate GiddingsLiverpool Century RCWSMan Wheelers01:04:20
23David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Man Wheelers01:05:02
24Karen PooleSportstest RTW40Man Wheelers01:05:36
25Oliver SmythMacclesfield WheelersMJMan Wheelers01:05:52
26Neil PieprzakRapha Cycling ClubMSMan Wheelers01:05:57
27Chris WilcoxLyme Racing ClubM50Man Wheelers01:06:37
28Michael StanleyPort Sunlight WheelersM50Man Wheelers01:07:19
29William GloverBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesMSMan Wheelers01:07:22
30Stuart BakerBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesMSMan Wheelers01:07:43
31Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSMan Wheelers01:08:00
32Paul HeronStockport Tri Club(2017)MSMan Wheelers01:08:28
33Andrew GraceCrewe Clarion WhsM60Man Wheelers01:10:19
34Sally MaitlandPeak Road ClubW50Man Wheelers01:11:21
35Jimmy FroggattWills Wheels Cycling ClubM40Man Wheelers01:12:23
36Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Man Wheelers01:12:33
37Paul StupplesSt Helens TriM50Man Wheelers01:14:15
38Chelsea Mccloskey-LambertManchester WheelersWSMan Wheelers01:16:04
1Phil WilliamsLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MSKV 30 100:45:36
2Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40KV 30 100:47:24
3Philip JonesCrimson Performance Race TeamMSKV 30 100:48:00
4Chris SherriffsAll Terrain CyclesMSKV 30 100:48:44
5Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40KV 30 100:49:02
6David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSKV 30 100:49:19
7Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40KV 30 100:49:21
8Sam AndertonNorth Lancashire Road ClubMSKV 30 100:50:28
9Andrew WhitesideBella in Sella RacingM40KV 30 100:50:46
10David GleaveVelo Club CumbriaMSKV 30 100:50:53
11Nick BadcockAllen Valley VeloMSKV 30 100:51:11
12Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSKV 30 100:51:36
13Chris StirlingKent Valley RCMSKV 30 100:52:10
13Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40KV 30 100:52:10
15Carl PotterLancashire RCM40KV 30 100:52:13
16Jamie PeckLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MSKV 30 100:52:23
17Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40KV 30 100:52:27
18Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50KV 30 100:52:28
19Adam BainesTeam ChronomasterMSKV 30 100:52:33
20Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50KV 30 100:52:38
21Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversM40KV 30 100:52:57
22Paul NelsonRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamMSKV 30 100:53:15
23Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40KV 30 100:53:25
24Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50KV 30 100:53:43
25Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSKV 30 100:54:01
26David TabronHorwich Cycling ClubMSKV 30 100:54:19
27David TrotterLancaster CCMSKV 30 100:54:27
28Andy PorterHorwich Cycling ClubM40KV 30 100:55:11
29Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50KV 30 100:55:21
30Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40KV 30 100:55:28
31Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSKV 30 100:55:59
32Paul TargettHolcombe HarriersM50KV 30 100:56:03
33George WhartonKent Valley RCMSKV 30 100:56:07
34Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSKV 30 100:56:17
35Andrew DentPendle Forest CCM50KV 30 100:56:35
36Nick WhartonKent Valley RCM50KV 30 100:57:43
37Deborah MossTeam MerlinW40KV 30 100:58:17
38Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40KV 30 100:58:22
39Andy StubbsBarrow Central WheelersM60KV 30 100:58:42
40Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40KV 30 100:58:44
41Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50KV 30 100:59:10
42John RobertsSalt Ayre Cog SetMJuvKV 30 100:59:24
43Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50KV 30 100:59:51
44Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50KV 30 101:00:00
45Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50KV 30 101:00:24
46Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60KV 30 101:00:25
47David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50KV 30 101:00:35
48Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40KV 30 101:00:49
49Ross StrachanLoudoun Road ClubM40KV 30 101:01:21
50Dave HortonLancaster CCM50KV 30 101:01:26
51David GoldenArmy Cycling UnionM50KV 30 101:02:27
52David HilditchRibble Valley C&RCM60KV 30 101:02:59
53Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSKV 30 101:03:32
54Tim WhiteleyKent Valley RCM40KV 30 101:03:43
55Deborah JohnLune RCCW50KV 30 101:05:43
56Craig WilsonNelson Whs CCM50KV 30 101:06:07
57Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50KV 30 101:06:10
58Russell AndertonNorth Lancashire Road ClubM50KV 30 101:07:15
59Gordon RobertsGarstang CCM50KV 30 101:07:49
60Paul LawsonWeaver Valley CCM40KV 30 101:14:44
61Colin ReynoldsLeigh Premier Road ClubM40KV 30 101:17:59
62David TinkerClayton VeloM60KV 30 101:21:25
1Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40BCW 2100:46:35
2David HuckBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 2100:47:44
3Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40BCW 2100:47:59
4Scott SmithBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:48:43
5Henry MossBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 2100:49:42
6Kevin ChadwickLakes Road ClubM40BCW 2100:49:52
7Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 2100:49:49
8Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:50:01
9Michael GregoryBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:50:28
10Andrew WhalleyBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:51:12
11David TrotterLancaster CCMSBCW 2100:51:16
12Russ RichardsonTeesdale CRCM60BCW 2100:52:05
12Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50BCW 2100:52:05
14Stuart GarnettBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 2100:53:17
15John O'CallaghanBarrow Central WheelersM50BCW 2100:53:21
16Phil RobertsLune RCCM60BCW 2100:53:53
17Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+BCW 2100:55:40
18Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40BCW 2100:55:43
19John BrannonBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:55:54
20John WatkinsonRichmond CCM50BCW 2100:56:30
21Hannah BensonIlkley CCW40BCW 2100:56:38
22Richard DixonLakes Road ClubM40BCW 2100:56:46
23David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50BCW 2100:56:51
24Michael ConnollyBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:56:57
25Glenn RhodesBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:57:08
26Peter MetcalfeBarrow Central WheelersMSBCW 2100:58:49
27Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40BCW 2100:58:51
28Peter HaighNelson Whs CCM60BCW 2100:59:08
29Neil HercbergBarrow Central WheelersM60BCW 2100:59:29
30Stephen GlenwrightVTTA (Merseyside)M50BCW 2100:59:51
31Euan MckinnonBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2100:59:55
32Dave SmalleyClayton VeloM60BCW 2101:00:32
33Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40BCW 2101:02:47
34Colin GarnettBarrow Central WheelersM40BCW 2101:08:50
35Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+BCW 2101:16:12
1James GullenJLT CondorMSNelson Whs 5001:55:38
2Carl DonaldsonGS MetroMSNelson Whs 5001:58:31
3Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:00:17
4Dean RobsonNorthover VT / Rudy ProjectMSNelson Whs 5002:01:36
5Philip GravesNOPINZMSNelson Whs 5002:03:20
6Matt MoorhousePreston CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:05:26
7Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40Nelson Whs 5002:05:59
8Philip JonesCrimson Performance Race TeamMSNelson Whs 5002:07:53
9Tom Van RossumJackpot RacingMSNelson Whs 5002:07:55
10Andy JacksonAeroCoachM40Nelson Whs 5002:07:58
11Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40Nelson Whs 5002:08:29
12David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:12:16
13Andrew WhitesideBella in Sella RacingM40Nelson Whs 5002:12:30
14Kieran LaceyBarrow Central WheelersMSNelson Whs 5002:12:49
15Doug HartIlkley CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:14:11
16Tom BroadbentHD RevolutionsMSNelson Whs 5002:14:29
17Aidan HolgateNorth Lancashire Road ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:14:54
18Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Nelson Whs 5002:15:18
19George WhartonKent Valley RCMSNelson Whs 5002:15:33
20David CullenTricentralUkMSNelson Whs 5002:15:51
21Chris StirlingKent Valley RCMSNelson Whs 5002:16:10
22David GleaveVelo Club CumbriaMSNelson Whs 5002:16:40
23Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:17:03
24Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Nelson Whs 5002:17:06
25Chris WattsIlkley CCMSNelson Whs 5002:17:53
26Andy AshurstManchester WheelersM50Nelson Whs 5002:18:03
27Steven ForrestTricentralUkM40Nelson Whs 5002:18:22
28Henry MossBarrow Central WheelersMSNelson Whs 5002:18:50
29Ben LaneGS MetroM40Nelson Whs 5002:18:54
30John ThelwellTricentralUkMSNelson Whs 5002:19:13
31Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversMSNelson Whs 5002:19:17
32Mike FirthIlkley CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:19:42
33Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Nelson Whs 5002:20:06
34Sean OwensCroston VeloM40Nelson Whs 5002:20:11
35James AtkinsonPendle Forest CCMSNelson Whs 5002:20:34
36David MurphyLiverpool Mercury Dolan CCMSNelson Whs 5002:20:53
37David TabronHorwich Cycling ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:21:11
38Philip KnupferManchester Bicycle ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:21:20
39Ged MillwardIlkley CCM50Nelson Whs 5002:21:26
40Mark BreartonWigan Whs CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:22:34
41Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Nelson Whs 5002:22:43
42Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50Nelson Whs 5002:23:12
43Rebecca RimmingtonTeam MerlinWSNelson Whs 5002:23:22
44David HuntWakefield Tri ClubM40Nelson Whs 5002:24:23
45Darren BrackwellBarrow Central WheelersMSNelson Whs 5002:26:43
46Paul NelsonRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamMSNelson Whs 5002:27:05
46James CullenOtley CCM50Nelson Whs 5002:27:05
48Lee AndertonTricentralUkM40Nelson Whs 5002:27:22
49Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:28:49
50Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM60Nelson Whs 5002:29:00
51Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40Nelson Whs 5002:29:04
52Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:29:14
53Robert BarnardTeam Cystic FibrosisM40Nelson Whs 5002:29:27
54Ian AndersonYork Triathlon RTM40Nelson Whs 5002:30:47
55Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Nelson Whs 5002:31:29
56David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+Nelson Whs 5002:31:38
57Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSNelson Whs 5002:32:02
58Andrew DentPendle Forest CCM50Nelson Whs 5002:32:11
59Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:32:16
60Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:32:42
61Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Nelson Whs 5002:33:29
62Richard DewhurstTri PrestonMSNelson Whs 5002:35:05
63Helen JacksonKendal Cycle ClubW40Nelson Whs 5002:36:34
64Chris GoodeYorkshire Coast Clarion CCM50Nelson Whs 5002:39:28
65Hannah BensonIlkley CCW40Nelson Whs 5002:40:40
66Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Nelson Whs 5002:40:45
67David RyderBolton Triathlon ClubM40Nelson Whs 5002:40:54
68Andrew DovernorWakefield Tri ClubM40Nelson Whs 5002:41:19
69Becky PentyYork Triathlon RTWSNelson Whs 5002:43:39
70Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40Nelson Whs 5002:44:18
71Marko MatherTricentralUkMSNelson Whs 5002:47:11
72Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSNelson Whs 5002:47:23
73Neil Hughes-HutchingsMorden CRCMSNelson Whs 5002:47:27
74Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50Nelson Whs 5002:48:56
75David BatesonNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Nelson Whs 5002:49:42
76Mark MounfieldBolton Triathlon ClubM40Nelson Whs 5002:49:43
77Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Nelson Whs 5002:49:45
78Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSNelson Whs 5002:51:20
79Michael GubbinsVTTA (Manchester & NW Group)M40Nelson Whs 5002:53:02
80Martin RalphPendle Forest CCM40Nelson Whs 5002:54:13
81Paul RevellBarrow Central WheelersM50Nelson Whs 5002:54:15
82Tom MitchellTricentralUkM50Nelson Whs 5002:58:27
83Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Nelson Whs 5003:14:21
84Michael PhillipsDrighlington BCM70Nelson Whs 5003:38:30
85David TinkerClayton VeloM60Nelson Whs 5003:48:54
86Malcolm WatersHampshire Road ClubT M70Nelson Whs 5003:53:12
1Philip JonesCrimson Performance Race TeamMSBeacon Whs 100:35:12
2Ben HarrisonCrimson Performance Race TeamMSBeacon Whs 100:35:48
3Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMSBeacon Whs 100:36:21
4Zak WalkerHonister 92MSBeacon Whs 100:36:50
5Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Beacon Whs 100:37:53
6Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSBeacon Whs 100:38:08
7Patrick PennefatherBorder City Whs CCMSBeacon Whs 100:38:14
8Bryan PoolBorder City Whs CCM50Beacon Whs 100:38:52
9Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSBeacon Whs 100:38:57
10Dan KendallRock to Roll CCMSBeacon Whs 100:39:14
11Adrian SowerbyBorder City Whs CCM50Beacon Whs 100:39:53
12Gavin SlackBeacon WheelersM40Beacon Whs 100:40:29
13Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSBeacon Whs 100:40:53
14Amy GornallSecret-training CCWSBeacon Whs 100:40:54
15James HaddowBorder City Whs CCMSBeacon Whs 100:41:05
16Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40Beacon Whs 100:42:04
17Andy StubbsBarrow Central WheelersM60Beacon Whs 100:42:23
18Duncan OrmeKent Valley RCM40Beacon Whs 100:42:40
19Dougi HallBorder City Whs CCM50Beacon Whs 100:42:54
20Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Beacon Whs 100:43:07
21Ross StrachanLoudoun Road ClubM40Beacon Whs 100:43:11
22Richard IrvingBeacon WheelersM50Beacon Whs 100:43:12
23Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Beacon Whs 100:43:28
24Martyn BlenkinshipBorder City Whs CCM40Beacon Whs 100:43:54
25Michael StanleyPort Sunlight WheelersM50Beacon Whs 100:43:56
26Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvBeacon Whs 100:44:17
27Phil RobertsLune RCCM60Beacon Whs 100:44:55
28Alex ForbesBorder City Whs CCM50Beacon Whs 100:45:07
29Howard CainBorder City Whs CCM40Beacon Whs 100:45:10
30Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Beacon Whs 100:45:32
31Peter HaighNelson Whs CCM60Beacon Whs 100:45:53
32Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+Beacon Whs 100:46:11
33Stephen TurnerBorder City Whs CCM50Beacon Whs 100:46:43
34Ryan Van DelftKent Valley RCM40Beacon Whs 100:46:50
35Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40Beacon Whs 100:47:01
36Brian Parkinson-SilkRochdale Tri ClubM60Beacon Whs 100:48:48
37Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+Beacon Whs 101:02:21
1Tom RigbyCroston VeloMSBorder City 200:44:51
2Philip JonesCrimson Performance Race TeamMSBorder City 200:45:22
3Niall PatersonVelo Club CumbriaM40Border City 200:46:34
4Craig HorsemanBeacon WheelersM40Border City 200:46:37
5Lewis HartleyZappi Racing TeamMJunBorder City 200:47:14
6Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 200:47:52
7Dan RT M40Border City 200:47:55
8Derek ParkinsonSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM40Border City 200:48:11
9Zak WalkerHonister 92MSBorder City 200:48:26
10Henry MossBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City 200:48:56
11Carl PotterLancashire RCM40Border City 200:49:05
12Emil PetrovBorder City Whs CCMSBorder City 200:49:06
13Grant OrmerodTeam Wallis Race TeamMSBorder City 200:49:32
14Scott SmithBarrow Central WheelersM40Border City 200:49:54
15Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Border City 200:50:17
16David GleaveVelo Club CumbriaMSBorder City 200:50:36
17Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Border City 200:50:56
18David TrotterLancaster CCMSBorder City 200:51:11
19Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50Border City 200:51:26
20Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Border City 200:51:30
21Adrian SowerbyBorder City Whs CCM50Border City 200:52:37
22Patrick PennefatherBorder City Whs CCMSBorder City 200:53:19
23Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Border City 200:53:26
24Tim NicholBlaydon CCMSBorder City 200:53:39
25Jimmy FroggattWills Wheels Cycling ClubM40Border City 200:54:04
26Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Border City 200:54:09
27Matthew AtkinsonBeacon WheelersMSBorder City 200:54:28
28Richard ShieldVelo Club CumbriaMSBorder City 200:55:00
29Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40Border City 200:55:12
30Derek SchofieldRossendale RCM60Border City 200:55:16
31Alun BrownRapha Cycling ClubM40Border City 200:55:27
32Randle ShentonTeam SwiftM60Border City 200:55:33
33Peter LeonardSouthport CCM60Border City 200:55:48
34Claire SwobodaVelo Club St RaphaelW40Border City 200:55:58
35Paul RussellSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50Border City 200:56:39
36Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSBorder City 200:56:57
37James HaddowBorder City Whs CCMSBorder City 200:56:58
38Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50Border City 200:57:07
39Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCM70+Border City 200:57:18
40Richard MorganBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City 200:57:30
41David HeadonHorwich Cycling ClubM50Border City 200:57:32
42Howard CainBorder City Whs CCM40Border City 200:57:33
43Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40Border City 200:57:36
44Alex ForbesBorder City Whs CCM50Border City 200:59:12
45Peter MetcalfeBarrow Central WheelersMSBorder City 200:59:15
46Peter HaighNelson Whs CCM60Border City 201:00:25
47Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40Border City 201:00:32
48Richard BelkKent Valley RCM60Border City 201:00:40
49Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSBorder City 201:01:51
50Stephen TurnerBorder City Whs CCM50Border City 201:02:09
51Deborah JohnLune RCCW50Border City 201:02:35
52Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Border City 201:03:42
53Keith BickleyBorder City Whs CCM50Border City 201:04:38
54Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Border City 201:05:47
55Claire WellerBarrow Central WheelersWSBorder City 201:06:48
56Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+Border City 201:19:23
57David TinkerClayton VeloM60Border City 201:22:21
1Ryan PerryDRAG2ZEROMSWest Pennine RC00:28:05
2Fraser MartinSaint PiranMSWest Pennine RC00:28:55
3Mark HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40West Pennine RC00:29:05
4Philip JonesCrimson Performance Race TeamMSWest Pennine RC00:29:32
5Craig BattersbyTeam ChronomasterM40West Pennine RC00:29:35
6Tom RoperBeacon WheelersMSWest Pennine RC00:29:57
7Sam AndertonNorth Lancashire Road ClubMSWest Pennine RC00:30:28
8Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40West Pennine RC00:30:36
9Andrew WhitesideBella in Sella RacingM40West Pennine RC00:31:08
10Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50West Pennine RC00:31:26
11Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSWest Pennine RC00:32:01
12Fraser SnapeNorth Lancashire Road ClubM50West Pennine RC00:32:01
13Paul NelsonRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamMSWest Pennine RC00:33:05
14David TrotterLancaster CCMSWest Pennine RC00:33:08
15Amy GornallSecret-training CCWSWest Pennine RC00:33:15
16Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40West Pennine RC00:33:38
17Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier Road ClubM40West Pennine RC00:33:53
18Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40West Pennine RC00:34:08
19Ben WhiteheadABC CentrevilleM40West Pennine RC00:34:10
20Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50West Pennine RC00:34:15
21Steph MottramTorelli-Beastwear-BrotherWSWest Pennine RC00:34:16
22Ross LitherlandRapha Cycling ClubM40West Pennine RC00:34:21
23Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40West Pennine RC00:34:28
24David GambleBury Clarion CCM40West Pennine RC00:34:42
25David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+West Pennine RC00:34:56
26Corinne SideThe Racing Chance FoundationWJunWest Pennine RC00:34:59
27Charlotte BoothmanABC CentrevilleWSWest Pennine RC00:35:13
28Anna WeaverEast Lancashire RCWSWest Pennine RC00:35:17
29Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60West Pennine RC00:35:22
30Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50West Pennine RC00:35:27
31Chris StanleyNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40West Pennine RC00:35:37
32Michael StanleyPort Sunlight WheelersM50West Pennine RC00:35:40
33Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50West Pennine RC00:35:53
34Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60West Pennine RC00:36:05
35Rhiannon GornallTorelli-Beastwear-BrotherWJunWest Pennine RC00:36:25
36Stuart BlackburnSpringfield Financial Racing TeamM50West Pennine RC00:36:34
37Lisa DickinsonTeam LussoWSWest Pennine RC00:36:36
38Liam MealeyOtley CCMSWest Pennine RC00:36:44
39Katie LukasBeacon WheelersW40West Pennine RC00:36:50
40Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSWest Pennine RC00:37:02
41Martin RalphPendle Forest CCM40West Pennine RC00:37:21
42Danny GlynnBury Clarion CCMSWest Pennine RC00:38:36
43Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50West Pennine RC00:39:01
44Neil Hughes-HutchingsMorden CRCMSWest Pennine RC00:39:01
45Ian HarlingNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40West Pennine RC00:39:24
46Ken WoodwardBury Clarion CCM50West Pennine RC00:39:41
47Fred BamforthStretford Wheelers CCM50West Pennine RC00:39:58
48David HilditchRibble Valley C&RCM60West Pennine RC00:41:23
49Julie HamiltonSalford Cycling ClubW40West Pennine RC00:41:38
50Helen GoldthorpeOtley CCWSWest Pennine RC00:42:24
51Charlotte RobinsonThe Racing Chance FoundationWJunWest Pennine RC00:43:18
52David TinkerClayton VeloM60West Pennine RC00:46:49
53Heather BamforthThe Racing Chance FoundationWSWest Pennine RC00:49:02
54Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+West Pennine RC00:54:39
1Richard BideauPendle Forest CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:03:13
2Matt MoorhousePreston CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:05:17
3Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40Pendle Forest CC01:05:40
4Mark HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:07:21
5Hamish GrahamGreen Jersey RTMSPendle Forest CC01:07:57
6David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSPendle Forest CC01:08:37
7Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Pendle Forest CC01:10:17
8Joe HowcroftOtley CCMJunPendle Forest CC01:11:05
9Sean OwensCroston VeloM40Pendle Forest CC01:11:16
10Ben LaneGS MetroM40Pendle Forest CC01:11:39
11Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Pendle Forest CC01:11:50
12David MurphyLiverpool Mercury Dolan CCMSPendle Forest CC01:11:50
13Darren GoughBarnsley Road ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:12:05
14James AtkinsonPendle Forest CCMSPendle Forest CC01:12:21
15Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvPendle Forest CC01:12:22
16Daniel ShackletonABC CentrevilleM40Pendle Forest CC01:12:30
17Mark BreartonWigan Whs CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:12:38
18Dan DryLancaster CCMSPendle Forest CC01:12:41
19Daryl MaySheffrec CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:13:19
20Paul NelsonRibble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling TeamMSPendle Forest CC01:13:50
21Stewart GregoryNottingham Clarion CCM50Pendle Forest CC01:13:53
22Tony WorkmanLancashire RCM40Pendle Forest CC01:13:58
23Tobias EdwardsHuddersfield Star WhsMJunPendle Forest CC01:14:06
24David TrotterLancaster CCMSPendle Forest CC01:14:06
25Chris WattsIlkley CCMSPendle Forest CC01:14:09
26Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Pendle Forest CC01:14:24
27Chris AndersonLakes Road ClubM50Pendle Forest CC01:14:44
28Neil WithingtonBeacon WheelersMSPendle Forest CC01:15:44
29Paul RT - Fitted and Tailored Car CoversMSPendle Forest CC01:16:15
30Mike FirthIlkley CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:16:30
31Dan KendallRock to Roll CCMSPendle Forest CC01:16:47
32Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier Road ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:16:47
33Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60Pendle Forest CC01:17:05
34Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:17:32
35David HuntWakefield Tri ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:17:43
36Paul BraithwaitePendle Forest CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:18:06
37Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:18:44
38David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+Pendle Forest CC01:19:03
39Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Pendle Forest CC01:19:18
40Robert BarnardTeam Cystic FibrosisM40Pendle Forest CC01:19:23
41Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Pendle Forest CC01:20:26
42Andrew DentPendle Forest CCM50Pendle Forest CC01:20:54
43Phil WilkinsPendle Forest CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:21:01
44Karen PooleSportstest RTW40Pendle Forest CC01:21:13
45John RahoHolcombe HarriersMSPendle Forest CC01:21:39
46Carl DonaldsonGS MetroMSPendle Forest CC01:21:56
47Gary MurfinVTTA (Yorkshire)M40Pendle Forest CC01:22:11
48Hannah BensonIlkley CCW40Pendle Forest CC01:22:18
49Andrew DovernorWakefield Tri ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:22:54
50Martin BrassPendle Forest CCM50Pendle Forest CC01:22:55
51Dave HortonLancaster CCM50Pendle Forest CC01:22:55
52Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Pendle Forest CC01:23:30
53Martin RalphPendle Forest CCM40Pendle Forest CC01:25:08
54Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSPendle Forest CC01:25:18
55Liam ReesIlkley CCMSPendle Forest CC01:26:33
56Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40Pendle Forest CC01:27:20
57David HilditchRibble Valley C&RCM60Pendle Forest CC01:27:28
58David BatesonNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Pendle Forest CC01:27:41
59Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Pendle Forest CC01:29:31
60Deborah JohnLune RCCW50Pendle Forest CC01:29:57
61Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSPendle Forest CC01:30:36
62Paul StupplesSt Helens TriM50Pendle Forest CC01:32:14
63Robert ThornPendle Forest CCMSPendle Forest CC01:33:38
64Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Pendle Forest CC01:35:08
65Richard EdwardsHuddersfield Star WhsM50Pendle Forest CC01:36:30
66Colin ReynoldsLeigh Premier Road ClubM40Pendle Forest CC01:40:10
67David TinkerClayton VeloM60Pendle Forest CC01:56:34
1Tom RigbyCroston VeloMSRossendale RC00:23:38
2Fraser MartinSaint PiranMSRossendale RC00:24:23
3Chris SherriffsAll Terrain CyclesMSRossendale RC00:24:34
3Lewis HartleyZappi Racing TeamMJunRossendale RC00:24:34
5Andrew DisleyTeam KTM UKMSRossendale RC00:24:45
6Ben HarrisonCrimson Performance Race TeamMSRossendale RC00:24:50
7Mark HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40Rossendale RC00:24:54
8Gethin ButlerPreston WhsM40Rossendale RC00:25:08
9Thomas HanlonTeam ChronomasterMSRossendale RC00:25:33
10Jonny HillBarrow Central WheelersM40Rossendale RC00:25:43
11Adam RobinsonTeam KTM UKMSRossendale RC00:25:47
12Adam BainesTeam ChronomasterMSRossendale RC00:25:51
13Andrew HicklinPeak Road ClubM50Rossendale RC00:26:02
14David PowellHorwich Cycling ClubMSRossendale RC00:26:04
16Luke JacksonHarry Middleton CCMSRossendale RC00:26:10
17Peter GreenwoodTeam SwiftM60Rossendale RC00:26:13
18Paul David FlemingPreston WhsM50Rossendale RC00:26:20
19Daniel ShackletonABC CentrevilleM40Rossendale RC00:26:23
20Graham YardleyCroston VeloMSRossendale RC00:26:28
21Lauren DolanTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:26:41
22Carl PotterLancashire RCM40Rossendale RC00:26:42
23Benjamin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMSRossendale RC00:26:54
23Sean OwensCroston VeloM40Rossendale RC00:26:04
24David TrotterLancaster CCMSRossendale RC00:26:56
25Lee CarterRibble Valley C&RCMSRossendale RC00:27:01
25Richard GreenepSettle WheelersM40Rossendale RC00:27:01
27Fraser SnapeNorth Lancashire Road ClubM50Rossendale RC00:27:03
28Chris WattsIlkley CCMSRossendale RC00:27:13
29Megan BarkerTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:27:14
30Paul BassonABC CentrevilleM40Rossendale RC00:27:18
31Andy RobinsonVision Racing /Delamere Dairy/GRM Property Consultants/Swinnerton CyclesM40Rossendale RC00:27:25
32Abigail DentusTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:27:31
33Ben WhiteheadABC CentrevilleM40Rossendale RC00:27:36
34Jon LongworthBury Clarion CCM40Rossendale RC00:27:41
34Roy FlanaganRossendale RCM60Rossendale RC00:27:41
36Jessica RobertsTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:27:45
37James BottrillThe Racing Chance FoundationMJunRossendale RC00:27:47
38Daniel StylerCroston VeloMSRossendale RC00:27:48
39Rhona CallanderTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:27:51
40Martin WelshPendle Forest CCM50Rossendale RC00:27:55
41Aidan LawrenceC and N Cycles RTMJuvRossendale RC00:27:59
41Amy GornallSecret-training CCWSRossendale RC00:27:59
43Becky RaybouldTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:28:06
44James RobinsonVision Racing /Delamere Dairy/GRM Property Consultants/Swinnerton CyclesMSRossendale RC00:28:14
45David StammersTeam ASL-BoltonMSRossendale RC00:28:20
46Archie IrvingBeacon WheelersMJuvRossendale RC00:28:21
47Phil RobertsLune RCCM60Rossendale RC00:28:22
48Jack ThomasPendle Forest CCMSRossendale RC00:28:28
49Andrew DentPendle Forest CCM50Rossendale RC00:28:33
50Derek SchofieldRossendale RCM60Rossendale RC00:28:39
51David BigioCroston VeloMSRossendale RC00:28:41
52Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier Road ClubM40Rossendale RC00:28:45
53Alun BrownRapha Cycling ClubM40Rossendale RC00:28:52
54Jenny HollTeam BreezeWSRossendale RC00:28:55
55Chris StanleyNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40Rossendale RC00:28:58
55Paulo CamposHorwich Cycling ClubM40Rossendale RC00:28:58
57Helen JacksonKendal Cycle ClubW40Rossendale RC00:29:04
58Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubM50Rossendale RC00:29:12
59Paul WarrenerRossendale RCM50Rossendale RC00:29:15
60David HuntWakefield Tri ClubM40Rossendale RC00:29:18
61Tim BennettKent Valley RCM50Rossendale RC00:29:53
62Andrew BarlowKent Valley RCM50Rossendale RC00:29:54
63Roger HaydockNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Rossendale RC00:29:58
64Jason McdonaldBury Clarion CCM40Rossendale RC00:30:00
65Molly Horsley FrostVision Racing /Delamere Dairy/GRM Property Consultants/Swinnerton CyclesW40Rossendale RC00:30:13
66Andy HornerBury Clarion CCM50Rossendale RC00:30:17
67Martin RalphPendle Forest CCM40Rossendale RC00:30:38
68David HargreavesNorth Lancashire Road ClubM70+Rossendale RC00:30:42
69John BoltonChorley Cycling ClubMSRossendale RC00:30:47
70Jon TaylorABC CentrevilleM40Rossendale RC00:30:51
71Mark SmithABC CentrevilleM40Rossendale RC00:31:23
71Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubW50Rossendale RC00:32:16
72Michael McGraneRossendale RCM40Rossendale RC00:31:27
73Richard DurhamSettle WheelersM60Rossendale RC00:31:34
74Dougi HallBorder City Whs CCM50Rossendale RC00:31:38
75Nick HigginsonCleveleys Road ClubMSRossendale RC00:31:48
76Liam ReesIlkley CCMSRossendale RC00:31:50
77Thomas EcclesChorley Cycling ClubMSRossendale RC00:31:55
78Daisy BarnesRock to Roll CCWJunRossendale RC00:32:04
79Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CCW40Rossendale RC00:32:06
81Julian MonkRossendale RCM50Rossendale RC00:32:20
82Rachel KingLancashire RCWSRossendale RC00:32:22
82David BatesonNorth Lancashire Road ClubM60Rossendale RC00:32:22
84Neil Hughes-HutchingsMorden CRCMSRossendale RC00:32:27
85Peter MetcalfeBarrow Central WheelersMSRossendale RC00:32:43
86Neil PilkingtonChorley Cycling ClubM50Rossendale RC00:32:52
87Daniel HoskerRibble Valley Triathlon ClubMSRossendale RC00:32:55
88David KenyonRibble Valley Triathlon ClubMSRossendale RC00:32:56
89Holly CarterRapha Cycling ClubWSRossendale RC00:33:06
90Andy ClarkVTTA (North Midlands)M50Rossendale RC00:33:17
91Alex FairerBarrow Central WheelersWSRossendale RC00:33:22
92George WilsonCroston VeloMJunRossendale RC00:33:29
93Paul StupplesSt Helens TriM50Rossendale RC00:33:33
94Rachel ConnerneyCyclesport International RTWSRossendale RC00:33:54
95Dan ConnorCroston VeloMSRossendale RC00:34:00
96Colin ReynoldsLeigh Premier Road ClubM40Rossendale RC00:34:24
97Sharon LovidgeBarrow Central WheelersW40Rossendale RC00:34:53
98Nigel BeaumontNorth Lancashire Road ClubM40Rossendale RC00:35:19
99Peter HaighNelson Whs CCM60Rossendale RC00:37:08
100Lisa GreenwoodRossendale RCW40Rossendale RC00:38:16
101David TinkerClayton VeloM60Rossendale RC00:39:03
102Dylan PryorBolton Triathlon ClubMJuvRossendale RC00:41:20
103Daniel DaviesPendle Forest CCM60Rossendale RC00:41:48
104Peter KnottKent Valley RCM70+Rossendale RC00:41:56